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Give inspiration away!

IC created a set of cards, each with a unique message.
To support individuals, wherever they are in their lives.
Agree to give them away to people as gifts and IC will send you a pouch to do it.
For free. No strings. Just inspiration to ripple and flow out into the world.

  • GiftItForward_01
  • GiftItForward_02
  • GiftItForward_03
  • GiftItForward_04
  • GiftItForward_05

It’s a fun, meaningful, often awesome way bring positivity into the world.
To receive a pouch, fill out the info below!
(And please have patience. Still only a few of us over here keeping the plates spinning!)

Inspired/able to help cover costs? Yes, please!
It’s about $10+ to print a set, buy the pouch, and mail it out.
Here’s a link to the Chip-in page to help out.

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  • GiftItForward_07
  • GiftItForward_08
  • GiftItForward_09
  • GiftItForward_10

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