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Inspiration Campaign can use all sorts of help with the basics.
It’s still just a few of us over here getting this beauty off the ground.

Are you a project manager? Business developer? Do you know Salesforce? Are you a web, IT and/or graphic design guru? Do you love raising money for great ideas? Know the legal system? Are you a community organizer? Do you love to sell things that are great for the planet? Is admin your thing? Are you great with money? Know a great intern?

We can also use help with things like taking photos of the campaigns and spreading the word so more and more people can find out about what we’re creating and help the voice grow. (Note: sign up to receive the newsletter if you’re not already. That’s where we can communicate with everyone.)

If any of these ring your bell or pique your interest, fill out the info below and we’ll continue the conversation.



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